An LA mystery + Q&A with Jordan Harper. Jane Smiley’s murder mystery. Two gems from Soho Crime. Mocktails for Dampuary.
Q&A with Dani Shapiro; Spotswood's Pentecost & Parker; George Simenon binge; end-of-year lists; holiday cocktails, an X-mas playlist, and a whiskey-book…
Kevin Wilson; locked-room mysteries (x4); interview w/Lisa Unger; how to drink (rye) whiskey; eco-crimes; and more.
Percival Everett, Chloe Gong, David Grann, Joyce Carol Oates, a fall books roundup, and Bad Sisters. Also: a "freezer door" Manhattan.
International edition: Marseille, France + Dublin, Ireland + Three Pines, Quebec, Canada. Plus: a couple family-affair guest reviews (wife + in-laws…
Patent lawyers in Texas, courtesans in Lahore, and a bunch of "Rogues" - plus an ode to Walter Tevis, the Venetian Spritz, and Maggot Brain
Attica Locke, Dorothy B. Hughes, Dennis Lehane, Rebecca Donner, The Bear - and the Aquatonic.
Seals & Croft, Dan Fesperman, Julie Clark, The Gellhorn cocktail and more.
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Blood & Whiskey